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5 best street food to eat in Da nang

Da Nang street food also has many special food same as other city through out Vietnam. Da Nang street food is famous with Bun Cha Ca, Banh Trang Cuon Thit Heo, Mi Quang, Seafood, Banh My

1-Bun Cha Ca (Noodle soup with fish ball)

Bun cha ca is Da nang originally street food that broth cooked with bamboo shoot, tomato and ofcourse fresh fish ball. It server with extra vegetable and chili on the side .If you want to eat Da Nang street food this is the top street food in Da nang to try the first

2-Hai san ( seafood)

Vietnam has a long coastal line so seafood is a good option to eat good food .But Da nang has the sea close to center that why their seafood is also believed the fresher .Along the coastal line there are plenty seafood restaurant offer many kind of seafood kept fresh in aquarium .You can choose whatever seafood you like.Seafood is also top of Da nang street food what not to be miss for your trip to Da nang Vietnam

3-Banh trang cuon thit heo (Rice paper roll with roated pork )

This special rice paper rolls with roasted or steamed pork is also famous for Da nang street food .For an order you get a plate of roasted or steamed pork up to your wish and vegetable, fermented fish thick sauce and rice paper wet and dried .What you do will be pick dried rice paper and add wet rice paper then pork and vegetable .Roll as a spring roll and dip in the sauce then you can bite as much as you can .

4-Goi ca Nam O (Fresh fish salad)

This Fish salad for those like sushi and want to taste the freshess of the sea flavor.Goi ca Nam O from Nam O Da Nang wher people make this dish with fresh fish. It served with ginger, galangal, garlic and dipping sauce, salad on the side

5-My Quang (Da nang noodle)

My quang is another type of flat rice noodle served with chicken, shrimp or pork .It has extra vegetable and sauce as well that you can mix all together and eat.My quang also popular in Hoi an but Da Nang seems to be better with taste and creative

Da Nang street food is also one of the best food in Vietnam if you have time visit Da nang you should not missed those dishes above

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