adminHot Pot- A good choice to taste Vietnamese food

Hot Pot- A good choice to taste Vietnamese food

Vietnamese food has plentiful recipe and each dish gives its own tasty flavor and way to eat .One of the best Vietnamese food for foodie visit Vietnam is Hot Pot

This creative dish make your meal full flavor of broth, seafood, chicken, beef and served with vegetable, rice noodle and fish sauce “nuoc mam”.

The way to enjoy Hot Pot also make it more worth for trying is cooking while you eating with a movable stove and you can have it always hot .That why its named Hot Pot and in Vietnamese means “Lau”

For one Hot Pot usually enough for 2-3 people and any party Hot Pot is order for even a starter or main course.

The way served Hot Pot more like buffet that everyone has a bit of  everything that you like .And very popular in any party

If you ever been in Vietnam and seat down in a local restaurant, this is what to eat if you dont want to miss one of the best food in Vietnam

Lau Bo (Beef hot pot)

Lau De (Goat hot pot )

Lau Hai San (Seafood hot pot)

Lau Ga (Chicken hot pot)

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