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Hue Local Food Night Out Tour

HUE LOCAL FOOD NIGHT OUT TOUR is Hue Street Food Tour to eat Hue local food and drink as local. The real experience about food and local life style. Taste the real Vietnamese food with local people

Hue Food Tour-Hue Food Guide
Steamed Octopus


Probably, you still wonder what local people in Hue do for night life? And how we having fun after a hard day working?

This is an experience for the real. You will have chance to do as what local people do. Going around Hue city to see what local people doing for fun out side

Hue food tour-Hue Food blog
The clam hot pot. New version of Vietnamese hot pot


For this Hue Local Food Night Out Tour you will enjoy Hue Local Food with local’s style. Get unique food that only being Vietnamese could have and grab a local beer with loud cheering “Một, Hai, Ba Dzô”. There are lots to learn and experience than just eating  Hue Street Food. The food local eat and the way it cooked and served is very much different to European food and even each region also has their own recipe to cook and eat different. Hue Food is well-known with Royal cuisine that why the “eyes pleasant” is always showed in all the dishes. And also Hue Food is realized that more spicy and salty than Ha Noi Food, Hoi An Food or elsewhere through out Vietnam.

Hue Food Tour-Hue eating guide
Squid in spicy and fish sauce


This is the real experience about local life and eat unique food in Hue. If you love food and want to taste the best food in Hue. Join us for this is not a tour, its local experience and you wont be regret

So let us show you around and taste local food to fill your flavoring experience

Hue Street Food tour-Hue local Food
Shrimp with garlic sauce

Do Hue Local Food Night Out Tour to explore more about Hue culinary art

  • Local social( Drink and eat out)
  • See the different way local people eat and drink at local place
  • Be a beer profestional
  • Fun and full

*Note: Any questions or food allergy please let us know in advance

Price: $49/person. Solo booking extra $45

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Have any special request please feel free contact us here

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