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Hue Specialty Food Taste

HUE SPECIALTY FOOD TASTE is food tour in Hue for foodies to taste Hue specialty dishes. Hue cuisine is famous with tasty and full flavor in Vietnam. This Hue Food Tour is for those who want to explore Hue local food with local. Not only taste Hue food specialties but to learn more about Hue, Vietnamese culinary art

*What dishes on Hue Specialty Food Tour ?

First, our local guide will pick you at your hotel to local place to eat Bánh Bèo, Bánh nậm, Bánh lọc which are wrapped in banana leaves then steamed. So that you will enjoy the flavor of the banana leaf while you eat Hue Local Food 

Hue specialty food
Bánh Bèo, Bánh nậm, Bánh lọc


Then we go around to see Hue city before having Nem Lụi, Bánh Khoái with traditional peanut sauce. Nem Lụi is BBQ minced pork on lemongrass skewers with char-coal.

Bánh Khoái is Hue pancake made from rice flour with filling on top with shrimp, pork, quail egg and salad. Both of these Hue Specialty dishes are not famous without Hue peanut dipping sauce.

Hue Food Guide
Banh Khoai Hue crispy pancake


And now you will taste Bún Bò Huế- Vietnamese Rice noodle soup with beef , one of top 10 must eat Hue Food Specialties. The Bun Bo Hue is very different to Pho in Ha Noi therefore you will taste another part of Vietnamese noodle soup. Hue Local Food is welknown by Bún Bò Hue first of all when you come to Hue city

Hue Specialty Food - Hue Local Food
Bun Bo Hue beef noodle soup


Continue on to have some Chè -sweet soup with many flavor such as beans, fruit, lotus seeds, coconut that you can pick. This colourful dishes are sweet dessert in Hue and served as Royal dessert for the King. Hue street food with many stall seling this along the road side with sign” Chè Huế

Hue Food Blog
Che Hue sweet soup

Menu Hue Food Tour:

  • Bún Bò HuếHue Beef noodle soup
  • Bánh Khoái HuếHue crispy pancake 
  • Bánh Bèo HuếHue Savory teamed rice cake
  • Nem Lụi HuếHue Lemongrass Skewers Pork 
  • Bánh Nậm HuếHue rectangular dumpling in banana leaf
  • Bánh Lọc HuếHue tapioca dumpling in banana leaf
  • Bánh Ram ít HuếHue sticky rice dumpling 
  • Cà Phê Muối HuếHue Salty Coffee
  • Chè HuếHue special dessert 

End the Hue Specialty Food Taste tour with Hue Special coffee with condensed milk and salt” Cafe Muoi” . This mean Hue Salty coffee but well balance and flavorful. Chill and chat for a while before get drop off at your hotel.

*Note: Any questions or food allergy please let us know in advance

If you are a vegan or non-meat foodies. Do HUE VEGETARIAN FOOD TOUR instead

*Daily food tour (Max 6-8 people) Minimum 2 people 

Morning: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

Afternoon: 2:30 pm – 5:30 pm

Evening: 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm

*You can also book your private Hue Food Tour start at any time before 6pm

*Tour included : English speaking local guide, local food mentioned above

*Price Hue Food Tour

-$29/person (for walking tour )

-$39/person (for motorbike tour or car)

-$49/person (for cyclo tour )

Have any special request please feel free contact us here

Phone/Whatsapp: +(84)939191456