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Hue local food- Nem lui
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Hue Specialty Food Cooking Class

Hue Specialty Food Cooking Class is daily cooking class in Hue for foodies to learn how to cook delicious Hue food specialties. Join cooking class in Hue to cook Hue local food experience with local chefHue specialty food is the best food throughout Vietnam. Since it was the ancient capital with long time rule by Royal family, Kings and Queens. So all the best cook and recipes was brought here to serve the Kings and his Royal family. Therefore, the local people in Hue now are very proud of their cooking recipes


hue cooking class with Anh
Hands on cooking class with Anh’s instruction

Experience Hue Specialty Food Cooking Class with Hue Cooking Class to taste the real Hue local food, culture and history of the region. With no more secret at Hue Cooking Class, you can cook Hue dishes at home by yourself. Professional cooking class in Hue with a very friendly and helpful chef. Taste authentic Hue local cuisine with Anh Cookery

Nem Lui Hue cooking class
Nem Lui you make at Anh Cookery

Hue Cooking Class schedule by Anh Cookery

First we will go to visit the Hue local market to buy ingredients for cooking, here you can see all fresh herbs, seafood area, butchers, fresh fruits. While you can take as many pictures as you want and learn about Vietnamese food culture and history. Our guide are always happy to explain to you anything you would love to know. After visiting local market we come back to the kitchen and prepare cooking then enjoy the food you cook

hue cooking class
Gỏi Xoài _ Green mango salad


hue cooking class
Enjoy delicious food you cook at Anh Cookery

*Hue Specialty Food Cooking Class offer the following menu you can cook


1-Gỏi Xoài Tôm 

(Green mango salad with shrimp)

2-Gà xào sả ớt

(Fried chicken with lemongrass and chili )

3-Nem lụi

(BBQ pork on lemongrass skewers)

4-Nước lèo

Hue peanut dipping sauce


*Daily cooking class schedule

Morning class : 9:30 am – 1:00 pm

Afternoon class : 2:00 pm – 5:30 pm

Evening class : 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm (no visiting market)

Included: English speaking local chef, visiting local market, 1 drink during the class, enjoy the food you cook. Cooking recipes

Price: $29/person. Minimum 2 people for request booking. If you are solo you can ask if we have already someone booked, you can join then.

*Any questions or food allergy please let us know in advance

If you want to cook others Hue food you should try PRIVATE COOKING CLASS o you can choose any 3 dishes you like. And start the class at any time according to your schedule

Have any special request please feel free contact us here

Phone/Whatsapp: +(84)939191456