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Hue Street Food Tour

Hue Street Food Tour is flexible for those want to taste the local food in Hue. This Hue Food Tour is not tourist food and very typical street food in Hue that local eat daily. If you are street food lover and have strong tummy with all “strange food”, this food tour is for you.

Bun Bo Hue – Noodle soup in Hue style  is the top pick for everyone want to taste Hue specialities food. This is full flavor of lemongrass and shrimp paste, served with beef, pork, meat ball and salad, chili on the side

Com Hen – Clam rice is very famous Hue street food all the time and become daily snack for everyone eat. This type of Hue dishes also has noodle and porridge so you can try even more

Banh Canh Ca Loc – Fish noodle soup is the word you see a lot from afternoon on the road side. This famous Hue street food from a village call Thuy Duong and now is very common for afternoon snack and dinner

Bun Thit Nuong – Fresh noodle with BBQ pork, probably this typical dishes sounds familiar to foodies more. So you will have this fresh noodle mixed with BBQ pork and salad, served with Hue peanut sauce

And the Cafe sua da – iced coffee with condensed milk is not to be miss if you love coffee.

The Hue Street Food Tour is flexible so you can discuss on your prefer dishes in advance if you wish

*Note: Any questions or food allergy please let us know in advance

If you are a vegan or non-meat foodies. Do HUE VEGETARIAN FOOD TOUR instead

*Tour included : English speaking local guide, drink and local food mentioned above

Time departure: After 3pm

*You can book your private tour up on your schedule

*Price :

-$25/person (walking tour )

-$35/person (motorbike or taxi )

-$45/person (cyclo tour )

Have any special request please feel free contact us here

Phone/Whatsapp: +(84)839121234