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Vịt xáo măng-Duck with fresh bamboo shoot recipe

Vịt xáo măng-Duck with fresh bamboo shoot recipe which i cook at home with natural bamboo shoot. My mum have duck too so its organic ingredient with delicious food and healthy. Vịt xáo măng-Duck with fresh bamboo shoot is delicious authentic Vietnamese food. All measurement is about right for everyone that not too salty, so you can add more spices up to your taste

Here is my duck with bamboo recipe you can cook same at home

– Half of duck with bone( you can use 500g meat)

– 500g sliced & boiled fresh bamboo(you can use 150g dry bamboo shoot, dip in warm water before cook)

– 1 tbsp diced sharllot

– 4 tbsp cooking oil

– 1 tbsp sliced spring onion, some fresh chili if you can eat spicy

– 1/2 tea spoon of each( salt, stock, sugar, chili powder, tumeric powder)

– 3 tbsp fish sauce( if you not use fish sauce you can add more salt instead)

Duck with bamboo-Vietnamese cooking recipes

How to cook duck with fresh bamboo shoot:

– Marinate duck with 2 tbsp oil, and spice above in 30 minutes. Keep spring onion to add in the end.

– Fried duck in 5 minutes then add bamboo shoot in, stir in about 2 minutes and add 300ml water

– Simmer the duck in about 20 minutes( if you use meat only, just cook in 15minutes or till water nearly dry. You can taste again if want to add some more spice to your taste

– Add spring onion in the end then stir and off the heat. You eat with rice or noodle if you wish

So above is my recipe of duck with fresh bamboo shoot. Hope you enjoy it as the way i do

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