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Top 5 scariest Vietnamese food tourist never eat

Vietnamese food is one of the best food in the world .Beside the most delicious food with flavor there are some food that travellers are not dare to eat

1-Trung lon( baby duck egg)

This Vietnam street food are very popular everywhere in Vietnam from Hanoi, Hue, Hoian, Danang to Nha Trang, Sai gon

In Hanoi street food  people eat this egg in the morning and evening but in the middle and south people eat in evening .You can recognize it with a basket and a lamp on top appear at street corner that where you can eat this .Its looks scary but good street food in Vietnam you should try

2-Thit cho or thit cay (Dog meat)

Dog meat is really not what i eat and its really guilty to eat this special Vietnamese food. But Hanoi people love this as a best meat provide quality protein to your body that why you can find dog meat around as street food .Be notice if you dont want a bite of this scariest meat .Other city such as Hue, Hoi an, Nha Trang, Da nang, Sai gon you only can eat this in special restaurant

3-Tiet canh (Fresh blood soup)

This creepy Vietnamese food is served in summer and make at home or in special restaurant with pig or duck blood .Its fresh blood so not really many people can eat and nowadays its  been less eating because of hygiene warning

Anyway it still have been eating around from city to remote area

4-Thit Chuot (Ratch meat)

Another scariest food in Vietnam you should know that ratch meat .It is special meat and very expensive though .You can not find it easy if you wat to try so no worry if you dont like

5-Nao (Pig’s or cow’s brain)

People eat pig or cow brain as they believe what part you eat is good for your same part so they eat brain for strengthen brain .Its steamed normally to eat

Above are the top 5 scariest street food in Vietnam but there are many more you can get .Make a trip to Vietnam to experience it all

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