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Banh Khoai-Hue crispy pancake

Bánh Khoái is a special Hue pancake from Hue made from rice flour batter and deep fry. Banh Khoai-Hue Crispy Pancake is different from Bánh Xèo that many people still have a mistake about these two is one.

Hue pancake Vietnamese Food
Banh Khoai Hue pancake Vietnamese food


Bánh Khoái is a very famous Hue specialty food that everyone come to Hue should try. Bánh Khoái is smaller and thicker compare to Bánh xèo. The batter of Bánh Khoái includes rice flour, water and tumeric but in Bánh xèo people add egg and sspring onion. Bánh Khoái is deep fried and served with Hue peanut dipping sauce that has pork liver in it. Bánh Khoái has shrimp, egg, pork meat or pork sausage, carrot, bean sprout, spring onion. So it might looks similar to Bánh xèo.

Banh Khoai Hue pancake
Hue Pancake with peanut sauce and salad – Vietnamese food


Banh Khoai-Hue pancake is crispy and a bit greasy therefore serve Banh Khoai always salad come together. For the salad normally have green fig, green mango, star fruit, lettuce, cucumber and pickle papaya-carrot. But some time the salad would be other vegetable and not always enough all of those above depend on season.

The very important to get best serving of Banh Khoai-Hue pancake is the dipping sauce. This peanut sauce includes peanut, sesame, pork liver, peanut butter cook in a while for full flavor. So if you have Banh Khoai without the peanut dipping sauce, that would not be the right way.

Here is the detail more Hue specialty food to eat in Hue you must love

Furthermore, the name” Khoái” is about happiness or joy that why when cook this pancake people fold it half. Therefore the pancake is looks like a happy smilling face, this is the way Royal chef creative to pleasure the King Nguyen

Not enough word to explain about the food till you try it and see. And expecially if you can cook it for your self and family or friends. You can join a cooking class in Hue to learn how to cook. You can also learn online by contact us to ask for convenience way to learn

And someone might want to try Banh Khoai in Hue yourself. So where will be the right place to have it best

Where to eat Banh Khoai-Hue pancake in Hue ?

1- Hong Mai restaurant on Dinh Tien Hoang street near Citadel will be the best choice for not touristic

2- Lac Thien restaurant on Dinh Tien Hoang street near Thuong Tu Gate (the famous pancake made by deaf man’s family ). This is also the must if you want to learn more about the history of Banah Khoai

3- Hanh Restaurant is also not to bad for a try because it is located in center on Pho Duc Chinh st. That why its very busy and full with tourist

So the tip above for those love Hue food and want to see the real Hue local cuisine. To get more useful tips you can free contact us and we are very passionate to help

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