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Bún Bò Huế – What makes it a legend ?

Bún Bò Huế is a popular Vietnamese spicy beef noodle soup meant Hue beef noodle soup, contain rice vermicelli and beef. Bún Bò Huế originally from Hue that why its name to recognized as a label

First of all, Hue was an old capital in central of Vietnam has the cooking style of the former royal cooking. Therefore, the dish is famous for its balance of spicy, sour, salty and sweet flavors. And the special flavor of Bun Bo Hue is that of bone, lemongrass and shrimp paste. Another, compared to Phở in the North or B ún riêu in the South, the noodles are thicker and round shaped

Bun bo Hue noodle soup-Hue street food

In Hue, Bún Bò Huế seems like for breakfast rather than lunch or dinner. As a result, you can see this soup every where. While you can eat as dinner at many street stalls too

In addition, prepare the Bún Bò Huế broth is by simmering beef bones and pork bones. And lemongrass, onion, sharllot, ginger. While boiling broth in 6 to 10 hours to get the sweet taste from the marrow .And the shrimp paste “mam ruoc”, and very spicy chili oil is added later during the cooking process. So the right broth of Bún Bò Huế has color of chili oil, flavor of lemongrass and shrimp paste, the smooth sweet of bone marrow

Hue beef noodle soup usually includes medium cooked beef. That you add fresh beef straight to the bowl and add hot broth over it. And or beef shank, pig’s feet or pork meat. It can also includes cubes of  pig or beef blood. Which has dark brown color. And a texture maybe same as black pudding. Sliced spring onion and onion is add on top

Bun Bo Hue noodle soup-Hue specialty food

Local people eat Bún Bò Huế with mixing salad. Such as sliced banana blossom, lettuce, mint, basil, mung bean sprout. Fish sauce, lime wedge and fresh chili is also on the side. So you can add to the soup according to taste. Ingredients maybe depend on season and region due to their availability.

What’s difference between Phở and Bún Bò Huế?

For those who love food, Bun Bo Hue is probably one of the best Vietnamese noodle soup. Try a bowl of Bún Bò Huế or take a cooking class in Hue to learn how to make Bún Bò Huế. Also the way people cook broth to see the different to Phở Hà Nội

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Where to eat Bún Bò Huế ?

1-In the morning you can eat at any place on Nguyễn Công Trứ street, Bà Tuyết is top pick

2-Afternoon you should try Bún Ông Vọng at 5 Nguyễn Du street

3-Evening you can try those street stalls on Hà Nội street. Bà Bớt is recommended

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