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Cơm Hến-Hue Clam rice

Com Hen – Hue Clam rice is not only the daily snack for Hue local but also famous Vietnamese food in Central of Vietnam. That why Com Hen-Hue Clam rice is on top list of Hue Street Food, Hue specialties food for food lover
Cơm Hến – Hue Clam rice requires a lot of ingredients mixing in a bowl. It needs basket clams, rice, fried pork skin, chilli, basil, roasted peanuts, annato oil, garlic, Hue shrimp paste, star fruit, fried onions, spices, roasted sesame seeds, fish sauce. The main salad is the jullien taro branch and mix with bean sprout, banana flower…
Another dish with clam is instant noodle-Mì hến is served with quick boil instant noodle that give you another flavor
clam noodle Hue street food

People soak clam to get rid of the dirt, thoroughly cleaned and boiled before removing the shell. The flesh is then marinated with spices for 10 minutes and stir-fried with oil, chopped onions, chilli powder, and fish sauce.

The boiling broth for Cơm Hến- Hue Clam rice is boiled again and seasoned with Hue shrimp paste, sugar and ginger, salt

Stir-fried clams are put into a bowl with rice, herbs, roasted peanuts, star fruit, sesame seeds and topped with pork cracklings. Shrimp paste and chilli can be added to enhance the taste. You can also get noodle instead of rice for this dish

com hen - Hue clam rice

The completed clam broth can be added to the  Cơm Hến- Hue Clam rice mixture of clams and rice as a marinade. Everything is well mixed before serving. This dish normally served very spicy to local because Hue people eat very spicy

Also for Hue Clam dish you will have fresh rice noodle for your preferable. This called Bún Hến

Hue clam noodle-Hue specialty food

Where to eat the best Com Hen in Hue ?

Cồn Hến is the right place to eat Cơm Hến. Top choice is Hoa Đông restaurant
Đập Đá is a good area with many small Cơm Hến restaurant too. Tí Hon is the top choice
– Check out many street vendor on Nguyen Sinh Cung, Truong Đinh, Nguyen Cong Tru … for an adventure too
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