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Hue Cooking Class is founded by Anh since 2013 with the idea to share the authentic Hue food and Vietnamese cuisine to all food lover. Hue Cooking Class offer hands on cooking course in Hue with visiting local market to learn more about Vietnamese cooking. And Hue food tour for foodie who want to taste Hue local food as local.

Hue Cooking Class also has new brand name ANH Cookery since 2019. There are many copier pretend Hue Cooking Class so please notice our official website is only 1 :  / our official email:

Hue Cooking Class - Anh Cookery
Authentic Taste, Traditional Recipes


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Cooking class in Hue with Hue Cooking Class to cook Hue local food, Hue street food and learn culture and history of the region. With no more secret at Hue Cooking Class you can cook tasty Hue dishes at home by yourself. Professional cooking class in Hue with a very friendly and helpful chef. Taste the soul of Hue Cuisine

As Hue cuisines is the best food in Vietnam since the King rule the country with high demand on dishes selected with variety and flavor. Therefore all the Royal chef had to pick the most unique recipes to cook many different food everyday. So that is a special reason for the Hue dishes today becomes varieties and tasty with full flavor.

Hue Cooking Class offer cooking class with visiting market to get ingredient for your cooking. During the market visit you will explore more about Vietnam market to see what people use for cooking. Also learn more about cooking part from some unique ingredient that no where has. The cooking course is a hands on cooking class in Hue so you will learn to do everything by yourself. From cutting to choping, grate, jullience, pound, grill but the most is by hand and simple tool

Hue Cooking Class also organise the Hue Food Tour for those not have time to cook at home but want to taste Hue food. Hue food Tour is flexible and convenience due to your prefer what to eat, time start up on your request. You will enjoy Hue local dishes as the way you wish.

If you are coming to Hue and have more question about Hue cuisines, Hue food specialties, Hue local food, Vietnamese best food. Please feel free to contact us to discuss. ANH Cookery  are very happy to share to you for your enjoyable holiday

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