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Hue Specialty Food - Com hen

Cơm Hến-Hue Clam rice

Com Hen is not only the daily snack for Hue local but also famous Vietnamese food in Central of Vietnam. That why Com Hen is on top list of Hue Street Food, Hue specialties food for…

Hue Specialty Food - Hue noodle soup

Bún Bò Huế – What makes it a legend ?

Bún Bò Huế is a popular Vietnamese spicy beef noodle soup meant Hue beef noodle soup, contain rice vermicelli and beef. Bún Bò Huế originally from Hue that why its name to recognized as a label First of all,…

Nem Lui-Hue lemongrass skewers pork

Nem Lui Hue – Hue lemongrass skewers

Nem lui Hue is Hue lemongrass skewers with grilled pork sausage or meatball. And a popular Vietnamese food in Central of Vietnam. Sometimes served as snack from afternoon till night, or as a main course. Nem…

Banh Khoai Hue speciality food

Banh Khoai-Hue crispy pancake

Banh Khoai is a special Hue pancake from Hue made from rice flour batter and deep fry. Banh Khoai is different from Banh Xeo that many people still have a mistake about these two is one….