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Hue Vegetarian Food Tour

HUE VEGETARIAN FOOD TOUR is for both vegetarian and vegan to taste Hue vegetarian food as well as Vietnamese vegetarian. Since vegetarian in Vietnam is vegan so the Hue vegetarian food tour is for those not eat animal products, heath diet or associated philosophy. Join us to taste varieties vegetarian dishes in Hue to see more about Vietnam vegetarian

Hue Vegetarian Food Tour
Stewed Seitan with vegetable

Vegetarian Hue food is very carefully cook and decorate colourful with many different dishes. Hue local people also is Buddhism in most of population that why vegetarian food in Hue are more common than other city. So for this Hue Vegetarian Food Tour you will taste many typical Hue vegetarian dishes. If you love tofu, you can try tofu with tomato, fried tofu with lemongrass, noodle with tofu and vegetable. There is also mushroom dishes, seitan dishes and ofcourse fried vegetable

Hue Vegan Food Tour
Fresh roll vegetarian food

But the special Hue vegetarian is creative of Hue specialities dishes such as Banh Loc chay-Tapioca cake, Banh Nam-rice cake. Those savory made from tapioca and rice starch with vegetable filling and wrapped in banana leaves. The Banh Cuon-Fresh Vegetable rolls is a good try. Other part of Hue Vegetarian food is vegetable noodle soup also a recommend for noodle lover.

Vietnamese vegetarian food tour
Hue Vegetarian food tour

Probably, the most vegetarian dish in Hue people eat is vegetarian hot pot. This is special in Vietnamese food the hot pot and also vegetarian style has it too. The way eating when its still cooking and you can pick anything you like to eat make it more special. So the hot pot for more people is a good pick all the time.

Hue Vegetarian Food Tour
Vietnamese vegetarian roll

Further more, if you love rice there is steamed rice with different vegetable mix in one plate. The fried rice with vegetable is also for rice lover. Fried noodle with vegetable is also easy to go


Hue vegetarian food tour
Vegetarian hotpot

So the Hue Vegetarian Food Tour is not just eat vegetarian in Hue but also learn about Hue vegetarian as well as Hue cuisine.

Refresh your soul with different and tasty vegetarian food in Hue Vietnam

To learn how to cook Hue vegetarian food, join Hue Vegetarian Cooking Class with Anh

*If you have any special food request or food allergy, please feel free let us know in advance

Menu Hue Vegetarian Food Tour

  • Vegetarian hot pot
  • Seitan salad
  • Caramelized Jack fruit
  • Fried roll
  • Tofu with tomato sauce
  • Morning glory
  • Bánh Lọc (tapioca dumpling in banana leaf)
  • Bánh cuốn ( Fresh roll)
  • Salt coffee
  • Chè (sweet Hue Royal dessert)

Price Hue Vegetarian Food Tour

$29/person (walking tour)

$39/person (scooter or car)

Tour includes: English speaking local guide, vegetarian food, pick up at your hotel in center

Have any special request please feel free contact us here

Phone/Whatsapp: +(84)939 191 456