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Vietnamese squid salad with lotus stem

Vietnamese squid salad with lotus stem is one of Vietnamese traditional salad in summer when lotus growing. If you love seafood you can make this salad at home with Anh’s recipes to enjoy.

The Vietnamese squid salad is different to Thai squid salad as included lotus stem but not tomato. So for this salad you should prepare the following ingredients

  • 300g fresh squid
  • 100g lotus stem
  • 50g banana flower (optional)
  • 2 stalk green onion
  • 50g onion
  • 100g carrot
  • 100g cucumber (option)
  • fresh chilli
  • 1 small fresh ginger
  • lime or lemon
  • Roasted peanut
  • Prawn craker or rice craker
  • Vietnamese mint, spear mint and Thai basil (can use one you have)
Fresh ingredients for squid salad

Note: For this salad you can use other ingredient you prefer and available which i mentioned “optional”

You clean squid and boil it with some salt about 5 minutes, if you use freezed squid then boil about 8 minutes. When you boil can add a bit of smash ginger to help it clear seafood smell. Not add too much ginger as it bitter and change flavor. After boil you slice squid in proper shape to eat, i slice about 1cm thick.

For dressing sauce you use chilli, 20g ginger, garlic then pound it well. Add 200ml fish sauce, 2 table spoon sugar then stir well till sugar disolveĀ  and add 2 table spoon lemon juice and stir again. The best scale for my dressing sauce is 2:2:1 of fish sauce: sugar: lemon juice. You can taste and add step by step up to your taste šŸ™‚

Vietnamese squid salad recipe

Now slice lotus stem and green onion in thin stalk and mix with grated carrot, cucumber, sliced onion. Tear the mint leaves and mix all in together then place on a plate.

Pour 2 table spoon of dressing sauce on squid then mix well. Then add all the sauce on the vegetebale mixing. And add squid on top with roasted peanut as well.

Now you can mix the salad and eat with prawn craker.

You can have a look my video how to make it very detail here to understand and make it the best

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