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Hue noodle BBQ pork-Bún Thịt Nướng

Hue Noodle BBQ Pork is called Bún Thịt Nướng in Vietnamese dish which is very popular food in Hue. This grilled pork noodle is also well-know for Vietnamese cuisine but in Hue is more flavor. As Hue cuisine is famous for its flavor during the Royal King family with all the best chef’s skill.

Hue Noodle BBQ Pork is served with grilled pork, fresh rice noodle, green salad, pickle and peanut sauce. The grilled meat is good with even brown clour, not tooo dry and has typical flavor of lemongrass. The green salad is depend on season and region availability but most includes lettuce, bean sprout, pickle carrot and papaya. Sometime you will get cucumber, coriander, baby mustard on the dish as well. On top there are roasted peanut sprinkled to give it more flavor. Many region serve the grilled pork noodle with dressing fish sauce but in Hue using peanut sauce.


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The noodle BBQ pork with peanut sauce


Bún Thịt Nướng – Hue Grilled pork noodle is served for lunch or dinner as the street food or specialty food restaurant. Depend on the chef’s skill and knowledge you can get the right peanut sauce which will change the flavor alot. So when check for a place to eat Hue grilled pork noodle you need to ensure the place is busy or ask the local for a good place.

If you visit Vietnam and want to try good food with healthy balance, pick Hue Noodle BBQ Pork. The dish with grilled pork meat mix with green salad will please your flavor at great balance.

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