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Top 5 best Hue specialty food

HUE SPECIALTY FOOD is wellknown for its flavor and unique cooking skill of the royal chef during the Nguyen Dynasty. Nowadays, Hue food specialty is popular for local foodie and Vietnamese cuisine presentation. Once visit Hue you will have many choice to eat big variety Hue food that you might not have time to try all in once. Therefore, this list of top 5 best Hue specialty food is the must for foodie want to taste the best Hue local cuisine

You can watch the following video to admire the top 5 amazing food of Hue 🙂

1.The number one Hue specialty dish is Hue beef noodle soup which called BÚN BÒ HUẾ in Vietnamese

bun bo hue beef noodle soup
Bun Bo Hue beef noodle soup

Bun Bo Hue is the Vietnamese spicy soup with beef in Hue style, but you also can get it with pork or meatball as your preferable. The dish name is to recognize the original region dish but you can find that else where in Vietnam recent years because of its fame.

You will have chance to eat many different meat that the cook add in broth for flavor. From fresh beef to cooked beef shank, the pork feet to pork ribs or meat, the meatball and black pudding. So interesting to see it right at places and show to choose what you want to eat.

Bun Bo Hue is the best as breakfast and dinner along many street food stall. You can see many sign with its name” Bún Bò Huế” almost every street in the morning. In the evening it will have the area for its serving and there will be many different street stall at the same street.

The market will be recommend by many backpacker tourist but its not the best places for local choice.

2.The second on top of Hue specialty food must be BÁNH KHOÁI-Hue crispy pancake

Hue Food Guide-Hue eating guide
Banh khoai Hue pancake

Banh khoai is not Banh xeo as many people thought and Hue pancake with many different thing to compare. Banh Khoai is meaning of happyness with smily shape looking while banh xeo is name of the sound when you pour the batter in boiling oil. Banh Khoai is smaller and thicker than banh xeo and dipping in Hue peanut sauce. Anyway if you come to Hue this pancake is the must try as Hue specialty food 

3.Nem Lui – Hue lemonegrass skewers pork 

Hue eating guide-Hue food blog
Nem Lui-Hue lemongrass skewer pork

Its might be hard to pick the third dishes for the top of Hue specialty food because of many variety. But to its unique way to cook its on lemongrass skewers make it get higher valuation. The pork ground meat is put on lemongrass skewers then grilled on charcoal to bring the perfect flavor. The dipping sauce is same as Banh Khoai with peanut sauce.

To get the right way to eat Nem lui you roll the pork in rice paper with extra mixing salad then dip in the peanut sauce. Great balance for healthier eating

4.Banh Hue-Unique cooking skill of Hue specialty 

Bánh Bèo is top pick of banh Hue which is translate of waterfern cake and thats actually steamed muffin. The batter is made of rice flour then steamed in a small ceramic mould then add minced shrimp, pork skin, fried sharllot on top.

Hue Food Guide-Vietnamese Food Blog
Banh beo hue steamed muffin

Bánh Nậm is another version of steamed rice batter muffin but this wrapped in banana leaves. The filling is minced pork and shrimp so when you open the outside wraper, the flavor will addict your nose

Hue Food Culture-Food guide
Bánh nậm Huế

Bánh Lọc is a small, clear-looking, chewy tapioca dumpling in Vietnamese cuisine that can be eaten as appetizers or small snacks. They are usually filled with shrimp and pork belly and also wrapped in banana leaves.

Banh loc- Tapioca dumpling Hue

Ram ít is sticky rice dumpling filling with caramelized shrimp and pork belly. The extra crispy cake in the bottom is what people call “ram” mean crispy dough. Ram it is chewy bite because of sticky rice texture and the crispy layer give you a burst

Ram it- sticy rice dumpling Hue

5.Bun Thit Nuong-Hue grilled pork noodle 


hue bbq pork noodle

Foodie might be confused with this dish as Vietnamese cuisine or really Hue food. But sure the taste and way eating with Hue peanut dipping sauce make this dish more delicious

Bun Thit Nuong is Hue fresh noodle with grilled marinating pork, been sprout, lettuce, banana flower, baby mustard, mint. Due to the region availability the extra salad will be different and the fish sauce is using in many places. While for Hue this dish will have peanut sauce come with and that make the dish more distinct

 So the above list of top 5 best Hue Specialty Food is for those want to have the right experience eating. You can do Hue Food Tour to eat as local and learn more about Hue cuisine